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11-23-19 at hartstop

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disposable camera photos from 11/23/19 at hartstop
by @disposablily

The Last Waltz

Katie Battistoni (Katy The Kyng, Irrevery)
Jamie Frey (NO ICE)
Lily Gist (FRIDA KILL)
Jesse Katz (NO ICE / Steal, Cheat & Gamble)
Lauren Levy
Ethan Meyer (Stimmerman/ Lanier)
Sean Spada (NO ICE/ The Bottom Dollars)
John Weingarten (Psychic TV / PTV3)
Matt Sklar
Huxley Kuhlmann
Sean Brennan
Henry True
Paige Johnson-Brown (Irrevery)
Amanda Jun (Crazy Pills)
Chadbourne Oliver (Lanier)
Brook Pridemore
Lily Reszi Rothman (Hartstop/Sloppy Jane)
Paris Andersen (Hartstop)
Jed Smith (My Teenage Stride, Jeanines, Mick Trouble)
Corey Landis and the Finer Things

NYK DJ Set –  soundcloud.com/newyorkknick
Food by Brooklyn Kitchen Beastinstagram.com/brooklynkitchenbeast


if you repost, please credit @disposablily and @hartstopbk.

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