disposable galleries

4-12-19 at rubulad

click to enlarge and scroll through photos

disposable camera photos taken April 12th, 2019 at Rubulad
by @disposablily

Carinae (Mass)¬†–¬†carinaeband.bandcamp.com
Mother Tongues (Toronto) –¬†mothertongues.bandcamp.com
TOP nachos¬†–¬†topnachosny.bandcamp.com

Al Nardo (DJ Set)¬†–¬†instagram.com/al.palace
New York Knick (DJ Set)¬†–¬†instagram.com/nycismycity

Food by Brooklyn Kitchen Beast¬†–¬†instagram.com/brooklynkitchenbeast
Stick n Pokes by¬†Grace¬†‚Ästinstagram.com/redcherrytattoos
Visuals by Rita Jim√©nez¬†–¬†instagram.com/iritadescent
Tarot Readings by Crystal¬†–¬†instagram.com/ninajosephineburlesque
Creations by Lily Colette¬†–¬†instagram.com/lilyandthelittleking

if you repost, please credit @disposablily and @hartstopbk.


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