disposable galleries

9-6-18 at rubulad

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disposable camera photos taken 9/6/18 at Rubulad
by @disposablily

Synead soundcloud.com/synead
Matt FX soundcloud.com/mattfx
Adam Schatzadamschatz.bandcamp.com
Lily Desmondlilydesmond.bandcamp.com
New York Knicksoundcloud.com/newyorkknick

+ contemporary dancers:

Nicole von Arx (performing with Beiju)
Alejandro Aristizabal (choreographing + performing with Lily Desmond)
Lyndsey Arorash (performing with Lily Desmond)
Alan Schlichting (performing with Lily Desmond)
Rachel Caron (performing with Lily Desmond)

Stick n Pokes by Grace – instagram.com/redcherrytattoos


if you repost, please credit @disposablily and @hartstopbk.

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