disposable galleries

7-20-19 at hartstop

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disposable camera photos from 7/20/19 at hartstop
by @disposablily

Big Pity – instagram.com/bigpity.uwubigpity.bandcamp.com
THUG – thugnyc.bandcamp.com
OMG Drama – omgdrama.bandcamp.com
Talulah Paisley – lyrisfaron.bandcamp.com/album/the-birth-and-death-of-a-star
Donna Stravinsky (Vera) 🎈 – charmingduchess.bandcamp.com
brz – soundcloud.com/brzraps
Rika Sauvage – instagram.com/rikasauvage
Xuan Rong – xuanrong.bandcamp.com/album/bushka
Haley Dahl (DJ Set) – instagram.com/sloppyjanebandd


if you repost, please credit @disposablily and @hartstopbk.

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