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There’s No Place Like Home.

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.  

We must have been somewhere far over the rainbow to be lucky enough to get our favorite local bands together for an evening covering their favorite artists both past and present. Now if this is a dream Auntie Em, please don’t wake me up! 

Shadow Monster got the evening started with a hauntingly beautiful set covering Elliott Smith. I know this performance was especially near and dear to her heart. So I speak for us all when I say thank you for setting the bar for evening so high. We may have even had a few uninvited guests from the world beyond. Just check out the photos below. 

“My cowbells, are they upstairs?” I mean where else would they be? Just a few things overheard before Toyzanne took the stage as the B-52’s. 

“A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. What does the egg say? I guess we know who came first.”

And they’ve got jokes too! There wasn’t a dull moment to be had during this set. At one point they asked everyone to get on the ground and lay as flat as a pancake. If there was ever a doubt in your mind, when the B-52’s speak, we listen. I mean how could you not! You know it’s a party when you look around and everyone is lying on your living room floor.  We all did it for Rock Lobster! They really had everybody moving and everybody grooving.

“Right now I’m Cindy Wilson and then I’ll be transitioning to Cyndi Lauper.” 

I just don’t know how Paige Johnson of Toyzanne and Irrevery did it but she managed to pull it off flawlessly. Two wigs, one night! How could we be so lucky! Bravo! Time after time, you didn’t fail to impress! 

Next up, Wolf Diamond covering Daniel Johnston. Did you know that Daniel Johnston was a Mountain Dew enthusiast! I myself had no idea. Apparently he loved the soft drink so much he dreamed of being the spokesperson for the brand. He even wrote his very own theme song for tasty drink. While the brand may not have favored the notion, I’m so happy Luke included the song about the beverage into his set.

Noods, dressed as Rocket Power took us all straight down memory lane. Their set was dedicated to all with all the millennials in the house as they brought the theme songs of yesteryear to life. Ah yes, a simpler time. 

Are you Gwen Stefani? You are? Perfect! Now get your people up here! I honestly thought No Doubt somehow got an invitation to the party. Shhh Don’t Speak. Shadow Year, you’re really lovely underneath it all.  How could you not sing along? I sure know I was. But I’m just a girl.

In an interview with King Khan and BBQ show asking their take on Halloween and performing around the holiday, they said: “I love Halloween and it’s always been more important than any other celebration when I was a kid, so the more costumes and the weirder the people are the more we have fun.” 

Now ain’t that the truth! And who would have guessed that Rich from Darkwing would look so good in a dress? Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below. Gillian from Shadow Monster even made a guest appearance during the set. “Now who ordered a pizza? It’s called banter, folks.” 

As the evening grew darker and the hours ticked past, Thee Suburbia took the stage as Grace Jones. I looked around the room and not a soul dared look away. It felt as though Grace Jones was actually in the building. Grace Jones is a character well known for her controversial moments. Did you know that she was banned from Walt Disney World? Who would have known. If you liked what you saw please be sure to check out Thee Suburbia at Bizarre Bar for the whole experience. 

Then members of Thick/ Nice Knife/ Gustaf teamed up to cover Blink 182. Wait a second, I mustache you a question. How’d you get those to stay on all night? Impressive! Nikki from Thick was also crowned the winner of our Costume Contest. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and dressed up! The costumes truly were out of this world. 

Your Mystery Guest covered Rae Sremmurd.  Your Mystery Guest always brings so much energy to every performance.  Did you know the hip hop duo originally started as a three man group? Oh, and they love Taco Bell. You see celebrities are not that different after all.

Styles Upon Styles kept the party going into the wee hours of the night, and just like I dreamed, everyone was out on the dance floor. 

Now what did the mummy say to the detective? Let’s wrap this case up.

And with that boys and ghouls, I give you Halloween at Hartstop.

From the very bottom of our hart(stop), we thank you! We can’t wait to see everyone at our next event and we’d just hate for you to have to wait! So please be sure to join us Thursday, November 8th. We’ll be back at Rubulad as Hartstop Presents: The Britanys and so much more! We can’t wait to see you there! xo Paris


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